Pairing a tattoo studio with an art gallery only makes sense.

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What: An exhibition of artwork celebrating popular culture and dark fantasy


Artists:  KIRAN-X, Jun Alice, Richard Simmonds & Anais Rebella


Where: The Gallery Tattoo  Level 2, 4 Bond St, Te Aro, Wellington.


When: 2nd - 27th March 2021. Opening night 6pm 2nd March Tuesday


Contact: Anais Rebella,, 044736566. 

ROGUE 4 A3 Print poster.jpg

ROGUE 4 is the new group exhibition by fellow professional fan artists exploring the narrative of popular culture and dark fantasy. Come and experience first hand these multiverses colliding into one space. The popular culture creative community is very strong across the world, it is a group energized that’s brought together by their enthusiasm for stories, fan fiction, dark fantasy, movies and games. This community is so strong that studios are now informed by fan culture and the legacy of intellectual property are carried on by the fans. 


‘We are 4 very different people but we share a common passion where artmaking is a vessel for us to communicate and sustain our shared enthusiasm. In ROGUE 4 you will see familiar subjects, each illustrated from our own delightfully twisted point of view’. - KIRAN-X 


A lot of art of this nature is relegated to behind the computer screen, so the technical wizardry and the freshness of artists just doing what they want, can’t be appreciated in person. ROGUE 4 breaks through the screen and invites the viewer into the space to enjoy the art work first hand. Experience the visceral brush strokes, the technical application and surfaces coming alive from 4 artists bringing their history and experiences to the arena.  


Artist Statement.

These works reflect my passion for movies and popular culture. Certain frames from movies stay in mind and there’s a point where I need to fix them into physical form. Paintings are like a puzzle, the impression is there and I need to work out how the pieces fit with each brush stroke and layer. Painting for me is a record of a segment of my life and feelings and at the time of painting, somehow it’s coded into the surface. Here I have fixated on films such as Mad Max Fury Road, Blade Runner 2049, and the Terminator films. Each study represents a deep dive into the films lore and legacy.



I currently work as the Marketing Team Leader at the Learning Connexion School of Creativity and art. Here I also teach painting and drawing night classes. I’m passionate about working with marginalized groups especially in the mental health, community creative space sector. The stories and experiences from these fields help me see the bigger picture and put into perspective the need for creativity in the world. From an early age drawing and fan art was a way to escape. It was a way for me to communicate and eventually helped me find my people, my creative community.

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Artist Statement.

The artwork is based on icons of past and present-day pop culture. My artwork aims to inspire the viewer to enter a world where people can be entertained and enthused by the classic heroes and villains of film, TV, video games and comic books. The purpose of my work is to inspire the viewer to enter a world where they can be kids again.




I have pursued art during my college days since 1996. My subject matter has never changed and I have always been passionate about making art. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts as well as completing diplomas at the Learning Connexion. 

I also work as a Social Worker in mental health. I also work with marginalized groups in the mental health where I manage crises as well as empowering clients to become full participating citizens of Aotearoa. My job is very stressful because I often work with people who are depressed and suicidal. Making art is an important part of my life as it helps me de-stress as it is a part of my self-care. Creating fan art helps me to recharge my spirit to give me strength and purpose where I can continue to support marginalised groups in mental health.  

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Artist Statement.

Oscar Wilde wrote in his essay, "life imitates art more than art imitates life." I have always been amazed by creation and I have always thought that it was amazing that life could inspire such imagination. There is a certain magic in films or books or games that humanises fictional characters. We are influenced by art even if we are not entertained by the culture. 

These paintings are created by what I think beautifies mundane existence. I was inspired to recreate oil portraits that really popped my heart strings, even if they aren't really human.



I never thought I would ever be part of a professional art exhibition. I started to paint around three years ago when I realised I had nothing left to lose. For most of my life I had been an overachieving student, graduating in literature and secondary teaching. However, shortly after, I was diagnosed with a disorder that prohibited me from living a normal life. I have had that disorder for a decade without medication or treatment, and it was reaching the point where recovery felt impossible. During my hospitalisation, I painted constantly, despite not having any artistic knowledge. I painted everyday for three years, it gave me purpose to exist, even if the painting was terrible. I'm still on my path of recovery, and my paintings are still terrible, but at least it is something that I can say I have complete control of. 

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Artist Statement.

For as long as I can remember I have been putting feelings that I fail to express with words into images. Drawing is my catharsis.

I have always enjoyed retreating and escaping into imaginary worlds, through books, movies, role playing games & music.

Fantasy and science fiction are always a reoccurring inspiration, with a great touch of gothic and horror aesthetic.


I use mix medias with a preference for black ink. Lately, I have been using digital painting that I have learned to love for its endless creation possibilities.



Originally from France, I have made New Zealand my home. With my fiancé, I co-own The Gallery Tattoo studio in Wellington. This was a massive change of professional path. My 12 years previous background was in coffee. Switching into learning how to tattoo has been a wonderful and challenging experience. As an artist, I am amazed and so grateful that people are now trusting me into creating a piece that is going to be inked in their skin forever.

Whichever the story behind the tattoo, every one of them is unique. I absolutely love the intimate creative process behind each piece.

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