We believe that your tattoo is your tattoo. So we created The Gallery with you and your comfort in mind. The comfortable and relaxing atmosphere mixed with our exceptional customer service set us above your average tattoo studio.


We pride ourselves on providing a clean and comfortable environment, while also maintaining a wide variety of artists and styles.


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Each of our tattoo artists specialises in different tattoo styles, and it is important to us that you find the best artist for your tattoo.  
Not sure who to work with? Get in touch and we'll do our best to match you to the best tattoo artist to design and create your tattoo.



Abby loves everything colours! She does wonders with realism and watercolour.

She is also an amazing pencil portraitist and loves when she is to given the chance to translate her portrait skills into tattooing


If I were to define my style of tattoo artistry it is one of fusion;

I love to design bespoke larger pieces that I can really involve myself in,

achieving flow and bliss state.

I look forward to engaging and collaborating with all those that choose to have me create for them.


Peace, my name is Juse1- Tatau, Tattoo and visual/creative artist, born and raised in Wellington Aotearoa. I have a passion for creation and use many mediums to produce my artwork. I have a background in Illustration, Graffiti Writing, Polynesian Tattoo and mural work. I have been practicing my craft of Tattoo for the last decade and enjoy building amazing visual pieces with my clients, I specialise in fine line work, illustration and font styles/lettering also.  .


Originally from Wellington, he has spent few years travelling and working overseas.

Matt is an all rounder tattoo artist, favoring the fusion of geometric, realism and dot work.

His goal is to develop his tattooing toward large scale neon colour style.



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As visual people, we really appreciate it if you can show us pictures of tattoos/art you like the look/feel of. If you are unable to attach links to images please have your reference pictures ready to send through once we have replied to you.

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Thanks for submitting! We are open Tuesday -Saturday 10am - 5pm We will be in touch with you soon!

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